Concrete Boom Pump

Concrete Boom Pump Introduction

Concrete boom pump is the use of concrete pressure along the pipeline continuous conveyor machinery. By the pump and delivery tube. Concrete pump power through a power transfer case transfers power from the engine to the hydraulic pump groups or rear axle, hydraulic push the piston driven concrete pump. Then use the boom and pump delivery pipe on the concrete delivery to a certain height and distance.

concrete boom pump

Concrete Boom Pump Truck Composition

By the arm, pumping, hydraulic, support, electronically controlled five parts composition

Concrete Boom Pump Features

Telescopic Boom flexible and efficient, small outrigger footprint, easy to move the vehicle. Automatic high and low pressure switch, outlet pressure, can meet the demanding requirements of long-distance transmission of high standard concrete. Especially suitable for the new rural construction, high-speed rail, beam field, bridges, tunnels, airports, ports, construction and other occasions ideal interior construction equipment.

Technical Parameter of Concrete Pump Truck-24m,37m,39m,42m,45m,48m,52m

Technical Parameter of Concrete Pump Truck-24m,37m,39m,42m,45m,48m,52m

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